Rising Scandipop queen Dagny has today premiered the colorful new visuals for her playful new single, “Wearing Nothing”.

The three-minute-nineteen clip sees the Norwegian goddess visualize the consistently changing nature of relationships through some funky symmetrical choreography. “I guess it’s something in my head I’ve always imagined, this amazing La La Land meets, like, an old Fred Astaire movie or something,” Dagny explained about the “Wearing Nothing” video to Refinery29. Dagny went on in much greater detail to discuss what the striking visuals of “Wearing Nothing” represent:

“It’s the idea of you’re in sync with someone and then as time goes by you fall out of sync and you have this moment of alone and then you meet someone else and you’re in sync. You’re with someone and then you’re totally in sync and everything is great and then time passes on and runs its course and you come to an end. But then by then meeting someone new that doesn’t necessarily diminish what you had.”

“Wearing Nothing” and its bubbly video showcase exactly what helped Dagny win fans the world over, and put her in the same league as fellow Scandipop queens Zara Larsson, Sigrid, Tove Lo and Astrid S. Stay tuned for more!

Buy or stream “Wearing Nothing” by Dagny.

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