Pop legend Christina Aguilera is taking a break from sitting on a chair to promote Oreo cookies, and her fans are not happy about it.

Milk’s Favorite Cookie teamed up with Pop’s Favorite Flop for the “Oreo Dunk Challenge” campaign, which launched at the beginning of February. The campaign saw Xtina, Shaquille O’Neal and Neymar Jr. appear in separate spots, where they each dipped an Oreo in a radical situation (Aguilera‘s radical scenario being that a crowd had actually shown up to one of her shows). Legendtina then starred in a few Twitter scenes for the campaign; Aguilera used her singing voice for the first time this year in one, and promoted her Star Treatment Dunk (where she dunked her Oreo in front of a wind machine) in another. The Star Treatment Dunk became an instant joke for its Photoshop fail, when one of Aguilera‘s digitally altered stomach curves frantically wobbled.

After five years of barely mentioning a new album, the latest installment of the Oreo campaign triggered Aguilera‘s stans to snap, and the meltdowns are low-key iconic:

Aguilera teased that she would be releasing two new albums in 2016 yet delivered zero, so the stan meltdowns are somewhat understandable. Aguilera‘s behavior, however, is not; in a world where Vegasney is going global and the Elusive Chanteuse is no longer elusive, it’s time for Xtine to up her antics and promote a single instead of a cookie.

At least the Oreo campaign got Legendtina back at the Grammys this year – her scene appeared during one of the show’s commercial breaks. Wig flew!


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