It was a cold and rainy August Saturday in London’s Kentish Town but, despite the bleak weather, excitement swirled through the air as thousands flocked to O2 Kentish Town Forum to catch girl group ODD EYE CIRCLE’s opening night of their long-awaited ‘Volume Up’ European tour – courtesy of K-pop touring giants MyMusicTaste.

In a triumphant return to the stage for ODD EYE CIRCLE’s Kim Lip, JinSoul and Choerry, August 5th 2023 was a multi-milestone moment in their career. Marking not just ODD EYE CIRCLE’s first headline concert as newly freed performers following a vicious yet victorious battle with their former agency, the date also officially marked ODD EYE CIRCLE’s debut tour as a standalone trio outside of their activities as three twelfths of K-pop’s lore-loving legends LOONA.

Returning in chicly ruffled white outfits, the trio at last got into their official ODD EYE CIRCLE formation for a one-two punch of the unit’s critically acclaimed sleek R&B sounds on the bouncy, hard-edged “Uncover” and sultry “Chaotic” from their 2017 mini album Max & Match. Things got heated with another slew of B-sides: the effervescent dance-pop of “Love Me Like” and swaying choreography to the runway-ready “Je Ne Sais Quoi” from their latest release Version Up. Showing off ODD EYE CIRCLE’s dynamic and slick dance skills, the segment also served to beautifully offset the two eras of the group’s journey so far while reminding audiences of the diversity of their catalog; they’ll effortlessly traverse between stomping dance beats, sensual R&B and brightly colored pop in a way that feels truly natural and consistent.

Briefly settling the mood to deliver the dreamy R&B-pop ballad “Starlight” perched on stalls against a backdrop of shooting stars, ODD EYE CIRCLE then utilized the breezy R&B vibes of Version Up’s “Lucid” to soak up the audience’s love and attention, pacing around the stage in their stylish washed-out black denim looks to interact with all tiers in the crowd.

For the final act of the show, the time had come for ODD EYE CIRCLE to deliver the string of hits and title tracks which have rocketed them to international viral attention. The dream-pop rollercoaster ride of “LOONATIC” was followed by a standout, euphoric performance of ODD EYE CIRCLE’s current title track “Air Force One” – signaling their new era of independence, the punchy synth track backed by a thumping Jersey club beat had fans energetically jumping around and bellowing the wildly catchy “Da-ra, da-ra, da-da-da, da-da, da-da” hook at maximum capacity.

Wrapping up the main setlist with signature track “Sweet Crazy Love”, the girls did not miss a beat as they pummeled every inch of the stage with the intricate, energetic choreography to the track’s luxurious offering of grandiose strings and R&B beats before gracefully exiting.

After a prolonged moment of suspense, the bass kicks of “My Secret Playlist” pumped through the speakers to summon the girls back to the stage – this time clad in official ODD EYE CIRCLE shirts as they excitedly bounced around to the dance track and posed for fancams.

The crowd was at fever pitch (to the point where some were chanting “Girl! Front!” instead of “encore”) as the shimmering synths for the trio’s biggest viral hit “Girl Front” began swirling around the venue. An eclectic melting pot of candy beats, frenetic melodies and hyperpop moments gloriously laced with blinking club synths and rattling bass kicks, ODD EYE CIRCLE saved the best for last in a divinely exhilarating performance of “Girl Front” six years in the making for diehard London fans.

ODD EYE CIRCLE had one final trick up their sleeve for fans with the revelation that they would close the show with the signature LOONA hit “Hi High”, where they showed off their individual charms and bond as a trio through candid interactions, before graciously bowing and posing for more fancams as they left the stage one last time to roaring cheers.

Shining as a definitive moment in the story of their growth, ODD EYE CIRCLE’s conquering opening night for their debut headline tour served as a declaration of their unmatched charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent – and with stage presence this enjoyable to watch, it surely can’t be much longer before ODD EYE CIRCLE are captivating larger crowds at much bigger venues.

All photogragraphy credit: Elizabeth Motley.

ODD EYE CIRCLE – Volume Up London Setlist:

1. Eclipse

2. Singing in the Rain

3. Love Cherry Motion

4. Love Letter (Kim Lip & JinSoul)

5. Puzzle (JinSoul & Choerry)

6. Uncover

7. Chaotic

8. Say So (Doja Cat cover)

9. Love Me Like

10. Je Ne Sais Quoi

11. Starlight

12. Lucid


14. Air Force One

15. Sweet Crazy Love

16. My Secret Playlist

17. Girl Front

18. Hi High

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