SheBOPPERS, are you ready? It’s time for the first SheBOPS Slaylist – a weekly roundup assessing the Slays of the Week!

Dawn Richard – “Babe Ruth”

Boundary pushing star Dawn Richard surprised fans this week with a much-needed EP The Architecht. Proving that Dawn is running in her own lane and still on top form after the unwavering excellence of her acclaimed 2021 album Second Line, The Architecht is fronted by the effervescent “Babe Ruth” – a braggadocious, house-leaning number featuring the type of cocky flamboyance which only Dawn Richard can pull off.

Caroline Polachek – “Dang”

Just when you think Caroline Polachek can’t possibly get any better, the alternative star shows she is on a mission to outdo herself with new single “Dang”. Caroline’s only competition is herself, and her instantly viral performance of “Dang” on The Late Show is history in the making for pop culture, playing the role of both Mother and Teacher to click through the most educational slideshow you’ll ever see. A YouTube commenter sums it up best: “A stylish weirdo with the voice of an angel and the imagination of an escaped test subject.” Professor Polachek’s ARTPOP could mean anything!

Allie X – “Black Eye”

You never truly know what you might get when you hit play on a new song by pop savior Allie X, but one thing is for certain: you’re going to absolutely love it, whatever it is. “Black Eye” hears the musical genius tap into ’80s vibes, capturing the campness of the era so well that you could mistake “Black Eye” for an unused Madonna track. As always, Allie X’s songwriting is a masterclass in pop perfection, while her acrobatic vocal range flies over the production like a Cirque du Soleil show. Mother X is back!

Griff – vert1go vol. 1

Next-up British pop star Griff has delighted with the release of her three track project, vert1go vol. 1. Initially teased by the recently released title track, the B-sides “19th Hour” and “Into the Walls” allow Griff to show off exactly what she does best: pure pop perfection. Clearly understanding the assignment, “19th Hour” meshes theatrical drum rolls with airy synths as Griff pleads to understand a failing relationship; meanwhile, the jittery melodies of “Into the Walls” sets the scene for Griff’s signature, intensely perfect songwriting to unfold. With Griff’s painstakingly poignant vocal tones making every lyric piece through the heart, we simply need vol. 2 right now.

tiLLie – “jeLLiefish aPocaLypsE”

Rising star tiLLie’s myriad of sounds in her catalogue never fails to disappoint and her newest effort “jeLLiefish aPocaLypsE” is no exception. Across a chaotic bed of Y2K techno, sea-inspired synth drops and pop-rock moments, tiLLie’s fiery delivery of husky vocals makes “jeLLiefish aPocaLypsE” even more unforgettable.

Summer Walker – “Girls Need Love” (Girls Mix)

US R&B star Summer Walker has finally delivered what we’ve been waiting years for: a link up with other women for her breakout hit “Girls Need Love”. Proving to be worth the wait, Summer dropped a triple whammy of remixes for the track where three of the hottest names on the scene in Victoria Monét, Tyla and Tink lay down their own individual verses on Summer’s iconic track.

Keke Palmer – Big Boss (Deluxe)

America’s Sweetheart and our favorite meme deliverer Keke Palmer has followed up with a deluxe repackage of her comeback album Big Boss. Big Boss marks a major moment in Keke’s career being taht it’s her first album since her debut So Uncool dropped way back in 2007; she now expands Big Boss with an additional four gems for fans to discover, such as the vulnerable pop ballad “Ungorgeous” and the throwback R&B jam “Crazy Things”.


Rising crossover prospect Selin continues her ascension to the top with her sorrowful new entry, “FARKINDA DEĞİLDİN”. Elevated by a stylishly retro visualizer, the latest Turkish language single from Selin once again allows us to marvel at her rich, full-bodied vocals which drive home the emotive self-written lyrics.

Oléin – “Over Again (Salone Titi)”

London based Oléin is an exciting name on the underground scene, infusing her Turkish-Sierra Leonean heritage into her music for a catalogue of genre-fluid creations. Oléin’s latest output “Over Again (Salone Titi)”, is a seductive number blending Afroswing rhythms with the up-and-comer’s signature sensual vibes as she tells a tale of infatuation.

Kyung Dasom – “Hungry”

The always pleasant Kyung Dasom is having an active 2023, with “Hungry” marking her third proper single of the year so far – a buoyant piano number which allows her vocals to have a glorious moment, “Hungry” is a refreshing entry to Kyung Dasom’s small but stunning catalogue.

Nilhan – “Kukla”

“Kukla”, the latest effort by Turkish bedroom pop artist Nilhan, is a curious affair with its blend of unsettling music box sounds and slick trap-pop beat.

Halle Abadi – “Me-A-Holic”

Blending slick lyricism and a dark, trap-pop beat dripping in fierceness, “me-a-holic” is the third single this year from the rising viral sensation Halle Abadi, who continues to entice us with her alluring and powerfully smooth vocals.

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