Megan Thee Stallion – “Cobra”

Proving that there can be a light at the end of a dark tunnel, Megan Thee Stallion’s “Cobra” is a defiant triumph. Laying out the rawest and most vulnerable version of herself over angsty electric guitars, “Cobra” is Megan’s emotionally powerful message to the fakeness of the exploitative industry around her and the destructive realities that fame and fortune can bring.

Weeekly – ColoRise

Weeekly’s fifth mini album ColoRise comes over a year and a half since their Play Game: AWAKE release in March last year (an eternity in K-pop terms) but is definitely worth the wait. Across six tracks, ColoRise depicts a vastly matured and elevated sound for Weeekly, a graduation from their ‘high-teen’ sonics of previous releases. Highlights include the two-step twinkly dance-pop of “ODYSSEY”, the alluring “Backwards” and sassy electronic drops in “Sweet Dream.”


SinB, Umji and Eunha have gone from strength to strength since getting into formation as VIVIZ after their GFRIEND days, and VERSUS is another fantastic offering of their dynamic artistry. Transitioning from gritty euphoria in “MANIAC” to sassy, lo-fi dance sonics in “Untie”, “Overflow” is a classic VIVIZ sonic rollercoaster which takes us through smooth rhythms, loungey guitars and sine waves. Rounding out the project with the breezy vibes in “Day by day” and bright funkiness of “Up 2 Me”, VERSUS is another stellar project which leaves us wanting more from VIVIZ in the best way possible.


INDEPENDENT WOMAN is the debut output from seven-member group eite and it immediately puts them on the map as a promising newcomer to the scene. “INDEPENDENT WOMAN” is a synthy retro delight, fusing classic pop hooks with bold proclamations of empowerment. Meanwhile, B-side “DANCE IT OUT” is instantly captivating with its ’80s bass plucks, shimmering synths and Europop chorus. Here’s hoping eite can keep up momentum with their future releases!

Sevdaliza & Grimes – “Nothing Lasts Forever”

Making the dreams of gays all around the world come true, the much-anticipated link-up between Sevdaliza and Grimes comes through as a chaotic rave anthem, telling a tale of liberation and freedom as well as the unrealistic expectations that come with being a woman in music over mega trance synths: “Admiration and adoration turn into weapons when women challenge expectations,” Sevdaliza said of “Nothing Lasts Forever.” “True liberation is breaking free from inner and outer expectations, a journey worth embracing despite the bruises.”

INJI – “Bellydancing”

Turkish viral sensation INJI has been lighting up the internet with her catchy concoctions, and her newest output “Bellydancing” is no exception. A light-hearted and flirty two-minute dance-pop gem, “Bellydancing” is a fun homage to INJI’s Turkish heritage and is sure to continue putting her on the map.

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