Is this your reaction when hearing the name Alison Valentine?


Tragic, really. Because Alison Valentine released the best song of 2012, and it’s called “Peanut Butter”. Her airy vocals float above a euphoric mix of thumping tom-toms, a funky slap bass and sparkling synths. Have a listen to the iconic summer smash that never was below:


Actual footage of me getting my life to this song.

The Moon Boots remix of “Peanut Butter” had some impact on YouTube, achieving over 360,000 views via noted YouTube channel MajesticCasual. For some reason, Miss Valentine privately uploaded the official video to YouTube, hindering its success and share-ability. Who else but the indie queen of pop?

For two years, Ally V went largely silent. She released a few cute “mixtapes” and minor bops to her SoundCloud, but her Swimming Pool Sounds EP did not surface. All hope was lost.

Fast forward to January 21st 2014 and something miraculous happened. Like the resurrection of Jesus, Alison Valentine came back. She dropped her single “Curious” on iTunes, obliterating my library once again. Poor my faves!

The Nu-funk bop channels the 70s while retaining all the elements that made “Peanut Butter” so smooth (PUN) and flawless. The Chrome Sparks Disco remix garnered 322k plays on SoundCloud, and Ally V even managed to secure a remix from the iconic and legendary Japanese producer Shinichi Osawa. Alison ha impact! Glory was however short lived and, like a fleeing Pokemon, Alison disappeared yet again. The original elusive chanteuse.

Ready for a plot twist? Ally V, whose nickname has since been appropriated by Bubbling Under hitmaker Allie X, is actually a “flower artist based in New York.” How did a flower artist from NYC release such iconic bops?


A true reverse Warholian expedition.

Either way, Miss Valentine, we are ready for more SoundCloud smash hits in 2016. Save pop music. Please.




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