Tinashe and J.Lo have been shamelessly plagiarized by Vietnamese singer Bảo Thy, in the brand new music video for her tacky bop “Lollipop“.

The first half of “Lollipop” directly copies the video for Tinashe’s Bubbling Under hit “Super Love“, whereas the second half mimics the visuals for Jennifer Lopez’s “I Luh Ya Papi“. Watch Bo’s video and experience this daylight robbery for yourselves:

There’s no mistaking that Tinashe was plagiarized. The beach setting, the Baywatch homage, the red outfits, the near identical choreography on an elevated platform… it’s all there in Bo’s video. The metropolitan yacht party scenery is also an obvious carbon copy of what J.Lo did in her video too. It’s honestly embarrassing how identical the scenes are.

Don’t believe me? “Tinashe has no impact”? Then what’s this?

I love tea.

Now that I think about it, you could even compare the beach vibe to AOA‘s visual for their 2016 hit “Good Luck“:


These poor girls are just the latest victims of this kleptomaniac’s obsession with stealing from other pop stars.

Thy was accused of emulating visuals from queen HyunA‘s iconic music video for “Bubble Pop” in 2012, and was further accused of plagiarizing the legendary Lee Hyori.

Hyori herself has a messy history with plagiarism, and J.Lo robbed “I Luh Ya Papi” from Tinashe – what kind of plagiarism inception has Bo Thy unleashed?!

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