I am kicking off September with the first entry to my latest column, SheBOPS Hub! It will be a collection of recently released bops which deserve to get their shine on, no rhinestones.

Moira Mack – I Worry I Worry

Damn. What a debut “I Worry I Worry” is. Moira’s vocals are so fabulous, and I really obsessed over the vibrato in particular. If Ms Moira Mack keeps dropping dreamy, hazy neo-soul bops like this, she will certainly be going far.

Rashelle – Hundred

Chilled island vibes and Rashelle’s husky vocals make this a perfect bop for Autumn.

Cheap Perfume – It’s Okay (To Punch Nazis)

This song is honestly so crazy and there’s quite a lot going on, but the message that Cheap Perfume are transmitting with “It’s Okay (To Punch Nazis)” is really powerful and so needed.

Georgia Meek – Anti Social

“Anti Social” is the first sample of Georgia’s self-produced debut EP, and has a killer chorus which you’ll hopefully be hearing a lot more of soon.

Le Boeuf – Red Lights (feat. Natali Noor)

The newest bop from this hotshot Danish producer combines wildly catchy melodies with Natali’s made-for-radio vocals. Definite hit potential here!

KAEYRA – Fountains of Gold

It’s genuinely hard to believe that “Fountains of Gold” is the self-written work of a 16 year old. Phenomenal! The power in and control KAEYRA has of her vocals is majorly impressive. Love this!

Kloë Shinn – Cosmic


Labelled “pop that feeds the soul,” Kloë’s vocals really elevate the moody, guitar-driven production of this spacey bop. Watch out for that euphoric outro!

Silk Cinema – Say You’ll Love Me

Stunningly soulful vocal performance which is definitely deserving of the name ‘silk’. The gorgeous synths in particular make this a strong release from the London based duo.

Donatachi feat. Kady Rain – Take Me

The glistening keys and bubble synths literally sound like sugar and candy in musical form, but the UK House styled bass give “Take Me” a slightly dark edge.

Rembrandt – Go Back Home

The tropical sound mixed with the deep vocals creates a really pretty yet poignant atmosphere. “Go Back Home” sounds like a great comedown record and would probably make me cry if I was drunk in the club.

Nakury – Fuego Sagrado

“Fuego Sagrado” has a tight beat and even tighter bars from this up and coming Costa Rican female MC.

Liyv – Weeknight


That fluttering, pitchy vocal sample after the super bright chorus is so addictive and engineered to stay lodged in your mind for hours afterwards. Fantastic.

Micky Blue – Good Love

Incredible chorus! The electric guitar in particular makes it sound so huge and luminous.

CXLOE – Tough Love

Damn that chorus really goes off! Obsessed with the dropping of those massive synth chords on top of a sophisticated booty-bounce beat. CXLOE you did that girl!

Gallo – Put Him in the Dirt

Gallo emits so much sass and attitude in “Put Him in the Dirt,” elevated by menacing fierceness of those horns in the chorus.

Alba – Diamonds & Cash

The harps of this second single from the Helsinki-based chanteuse sound just as luxurious as the lyrics (“You think I’m just a greedy bitch! / I take your money then I leave for greener pastures”). The new “Material Girl” perhaps?

Ari B – Dance into the Party

While the smooth 90s grooves are pleasant, Ari B killing the choreo in her Wayne Isham-directed visuals for “Dance into the Party” is the main attraction here.

Yoji – Shine

Like a ray of sunshine, “Shine” is all about emitting positive vibes and positive energy from this British-born soul singer.

Beema Monroe – Switch It Up

I feel like “Switch It Up” could go viral on both black and stan Twitter. It’s a fun song from this Florida-based rapper which essentially celebrates individuality, so what’s not to love?

7even2wice – Notification (feat. Mr Midas)

“Notification” combines “a fun pop melody with a dancehall-urban beat” to explore the theme of love in the digital age. A certified club anthem!

Stay perched for SheBOPS Hub #2!


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