Everybody’s favorite adult-baby pop performer, Melanie Martinez, has reached the pinnacle of success as a musician – by announcing her debut fragrance.

The cradle chanteuse, whose signature prepubescent girl aesthetic has polarized music fans since her debut, has revealed all the notes of her intriguing “Cry Baby Perfume Milk” fragrance. The perfume’s name draws its inspiration from her critically acclaimed (and surprisingly excellent) debut album.

For just $49.95, you can smell like baby lotion, strawberry milk and burnt caramel. This is all housed in a uniquely shaped baby bottle, complete with pacifier.

“Cry Baby” is being touted as a “feminine yet mischievous and unapologetic” smell, which is essentially Melanie’s entire music career encapsulated as a perfume.

Watch Melanie model the bottle in the perfume’s terrifying commercial:

I mean… I don’t know what to say, except that I’m high-key perched for this.

“Cry Baby Perfume Milk” is due to make its rounds on December 23rd – just in time for Christmas. Secure a bottle of this guaranteed to sell out smell on Melanie’s official site now.

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