Half-Venezuelan chanteuse Brooker is back with her second single, the sultry “Patience”.

Brooker‘s rich, chocolatey vocals melt all over “Patience”‘s mellow cymbal crashes, slick bass kicks, and smooth synths. “Patience” hears Brooker exploring her impatient tendencies when it comes to relationships; “I am a very impatient person and can be very spontaneous in everything I do, including relationships”, she commented. Brooker expresses this sentiment during the chorus, where her deep vocals soulfully carry the lyrics “I ain’t got no patience… maybe I should have some patience”.

“Patience” is the follow up to Brooker‘s 2016 single, “Secret”. Hopefully, 2017 should see her releasing an EP with more synthy bops like “Patience”.

Listen to “Patience” by Brooker on Spotify.

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