Brave Girls are back – that is, if they can get their ban from broadcasting station KBS lifted!

The sexy Korean five piece are gearing up for their comeback with the five track mini album Rollin’, set for release on March 7th. It will be Brave Girls’ first release since 2016’s High Heels, the group’s most popular release since their 2012 debut with 626 copies sold (stop laughing). However, the promotions for Rollin’ have rolled into a wall; the title track, also called “Rollin'”, has been deemed unfit for broadcast by KBS.

The ban is the result of “Rollin'” supposedly containing a vulgar Korean slang word for ‘embarrassment‘, which KBS are unimpressed with. The group’s agency, Brave Entertainment, have been given an ultimatum by KBS – modify the lyrics, or don’t promote on the KBS network. Brave Entertainment have stated that they will comply with KBS’ request, and plan to have “Rollin'”‘s lyrics re-evaluated after tweaking the lyrics.

The tracklist for Rollin’ was also announced, which you can peep below:


I don’t know which track I’m most excited to hear – “Rollin'”, the remix of previous smash hit “High Heels”, or “Rollin’ (Outro ver.)”!

There’s nothing like a bit of good old-fashioned controversy to help drum up interest in a flopping group’s upcoming release. KBS, stop thwarting the success of Brave Legends. Let. Them. Promote!


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