Update 2: BoA has released One Shot, Two Shot! Listen to One Shot, Two Shot on Spotify and Apple Music, or purchase the limited edition version from CDJapan. Also, check out BoA‘s super slick choreography in the MV for One Shot, Two Shot– make sure you watch for the MV’s shocking plot twist at the end!

One Shot, Two Shot has got to be BoA‘s strongest comeback to date. One Shot, Two Shot (uri duri just for one~!) is catchy as fuck, plus the house style is completely new for BoAand a fabulous match for Korea’s dancing queen. Plus, her vocal adlibs towards the end are pure perfection.

Update: BoA has shared eight stunning new teaser images for One Shot, Two Shot!

BoA also made a comment about One Shot, Two Shot and releasing new music after 19 years as a singer:

Hm, [the lyrics for NEGA DOLA do] seem like the type of lyrics that men wouldn’t like to hear, but I want even people like that to think, ‘Oh, BoA does this kind of music?’ I felt refreshed. A lot of people invoke my name when talking about ‘girls on top’ and ‘girl crush’ but I don’t think I’ve done that kind of music in a while. When I thought about what a ‘girl crush’ meant to someone in their 30s, ‘NEGA DOLA’ [literally ‘I’m going crazy’] came to mind. I hoped that a lot of women would feel refreshed by it.

There have been times when I wore clothes that didn’t suit me just because I was following the trends. After a while, I wanted to try music and styles that weren’t going to die out fast. I haven’t done a very colorful music video until now, so I wanted to make something very vivid.

I’m still uncomfortable with showing skin,” she shared. “Even when I was wearing a big fur coat, showing my stomach for a little bit made me uncomfortable. So I wore a T-shirt underneath. I don’t think that I’m sexy but when photos and articles come out, I’m glad for that kind of feedback.

I read a lot of articles that pick me as their role model or say that my CD was the first one they bought. I’m very grateful for that. It makes me think I need to keep working hard as a singer.

People say that I’m in my 19th year, but I don’t really feel it. I’ve just done what I’ve always done since I was young, and after a while I stopped counting the years. Rather than saying I’m in ‘this’ year of my career, I want to enjoy new music appropriate for whatever age that is. I’m excited to see what kind of music I’ll make in my 30’s, so I hope that other people can appreciate that too.



Asia’s number 1 musician BoA (SM’s direct quote, btw, and it’s tea) is gearing up to drop One Shot, Two Shot!

One Shot, Two Shot is BoA‘s first K-pop mini album, and will be digitally released on February 20th and physically on February 21st. One Shot, Two Shot‘s tracklist is yet to be revealed, but the mini album is said to contain title track 내가돌아 Nega Dola (which has been “showing its intense charm with its unique charming vocals and hip-hop swaggy performances” according to SM) plus six new songs, for a combined total of seven songs.

One Shot, Two Shot has been described as a “house dance song… expected to fascinate the music industry” – a description which has shook me to my very core. SM comission incredible house tracks (hello 4 Walls) and the amount of slayage which is clearly about to be unleashed on us by BoA with One Shot, Two Shot is uncharted. A legend indeed!

Side note: although One Shot, Two Shotis being touted as a mini album, BoA‘s 2012 album Only One had the same amount of tracks as One Shot, Two Shot, so the ‘mini album’ distinction is kind of confusing.

BoA has clearly been working VERY hard on her music career; BoA will also be releasing her new Japanese album 私このままでいいのかな (Watashi Kono Mama de Ii no Kana) on February 14th, plus we still have another Japanese mini album Unchained and Japanese tour (which also means Japanese tour DVD) to look forward to. Big year for BoA!

Check out all of the newly released teaser images for One Shot, Two ShotBoA looks so gorgeous and iconic in red!

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