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My wig wasn’t prepared for this ladies. With absolutely no warning, my queen BoA has surprised everybody with a teaser clip for an upcoming track apparently named “CAMO”.


The track opens with dark, stabby bass vibes akin to “Into You” (aka The Greatest Pop Song Ever) before erupting into five huge, bright Eurosynth chords – and then finishing. Wig! Although it’s an extremely condensed clip, “CAMO” sounds like it could be one of BoA‘s best tracks ever – a hybrid of “Hurricane Venus” and “Kiss My Lips”.

Queen also served looks in the clip, my fave being the white catsuit with the Ariana ponytail. Also, the black flared pants are giving me major “VALENTI” vibes, which is a pleasant throwback.

Shook is definitely an understatement… I’M SO EXCITED!!!

Update – 2017.06.23: SM have released a second teaser trailer for “CAMO,” alongside more details. “CAMO” is produced by The Underdogs, who also worked with BoA to produce “Shattered” and will feature BoA‘s “powerful vocal performance.” The digital single is dropping on June 26th!

*shookness intensifies*

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