New year, new Ari! 2024 is off to the best possible start, thanks to Ariana Grande and her comeback single “yes, and?”

Doubling up as a sassy shutdown of the rumor mill and an empowering self-love anthem for the spiritual girlies who are healing, “yes, and?” hears Ari channeling major ’90s house vibes (written and produced by Grande with pop gods Max Martin and Ilya Salmanzadeh) with her trademark intricate vocal layering, encouraging listeners to “Say that shit with your chest, and be your own fuckin’ best friend.”

Fans are absolutely in a frenzy over the song’s confrontational lyrics, where Ari elegantly puts everyone in their place through clear commandments like “don’t comment on my body, do not reply,” “your business is yours and mine is mine” and “why do you care so much whose dick i ride?

“yes, and?” is lifted from the singer’s upcoming seventh album, with detective fans deducing that the title may potentially be Eternal Sunshine. We are so ready for everything, Ms Grande!!

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