Browsing Amazon yesterday, I was alerted to the fact that they were selling the Bible of pop music, Britney Jean, for the bargain price of £1.47. £1.47. Of course, I snapped it up instantly.

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Unable to contain my excitement of this sheer daylight robbery, I investigated to find out what products are more expensive than Indie Jean. My results may shock you. To celebrate the 14 bops on the album, here’s 14 of my results:

  1. Some jeans from ASOS.asosjeans
  2. A coaster from John Lewis.coaster
  3. Some Head & Shoulders shampoo from Asda.h&s
  4. A train ticket from London Euston to Birmingham New Street.londontobirmingham
  5. A luxury crystal iPhone case.phonecase
  6. An AmazonBasics car charger.carcharger
  7. Some car screenwash to go with that charger. screenwash
  8. A dental checkup. dentalcheckup
  9. Why not get a new toothbrush afterwards for £2.10?oralb
  10. A swimsuit from Primark.swimsuit
  11. Some gourmet jelly beans.jellybeans
  12. Mr Muscle pet odor spray. mrmuscle
  13. A packet of smoked salmon.salmon
  14. A perfume bottle so you can mark your territory!

What are you waiting for? Go order Britney Jean NOW!

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