Irish singer Catherine McGrath (not to be confused with the political correspondent of the same name) quietly dropped her debut EP One over the holidays, and it’s quite lovely.

Country music is a genre the singer is heavily inspired by, despite her Irish roots. I feel like it’s necessary to point out Catherine’s heritage, because you could easily mistake One as a musical release from one of Nashville‘s characters, especially because of her natural sounding Southern twang. This is quite fitting really, considering the singer has been getting her name out there in the country music capital.

A generic comparison would be to Taylor Swift’s first era, thanks to Catherine’s heartfelt lyrics about new love and heartbreak designed to appear as Instagram captions from girls and gays the world over. But One shows more individuality than that, precisely at the very end with her gorgeous, acoustic take on the Jessie Ware number “Say You Love Me”. You’d never guess that it was a cover, since Catherine’s vocals sound so at home singing those words across gentle guitar strums. It’s terribly difficult to cover a song and make it sound like your own – only the greatest musical talents can do it.

Hopefully Catherine sticks with this sound and doesn’t ‘shake it off’ (I love puns 🌚), because her voice was made for acoustic country music.

Listen to One, the debut EP by Catherine McGrath, on Spotify now:

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