Zara Larsson’s Album Is Getting the ANTI Treatment, Y’all


Welp! Zara Larsson indirectly announced on Twitter today that her international debut album has been delayed – again.

The Swedish pop hotshot replied to a tweet from October 2016, where she confirmed a January release for #ZL2, with this:

A messy liar indeed. The album was originally meant to drop in February 2016 and would have capitalized on her two hits at the time, the breezy “Lush Life” and “Girls Like”, a collaboration with British rapper Tinie Tempah. However, the album was a no show.

The unnamed collection was continuously delayed as the year went by, despite Zara‘s rise as a household name after burning up the charts with two more wildly successful and equally catchy singles, the sassy “Ain’t My Fault” and the sexually brazen “I Would Like”. Zara tweeted in July that she had finished the last song, and went on to explain in November that “it’s ready. It’s done. We have the artwork, but we don’t have the name — but it’s there just waiting to be released.” Still no album doe!

The singer has been very vocal on social media about the delays, and even poked fun at it by retweeting memes created by fans:

Her label really need to drop this album now and strike while the iron is hot. There is plenty of buzz around the “Never Forget You” chanteuse, and at this point another delay is kind of embarrassing and, more importantly, detrimental to its success. She could always pull a Tinashe, and drop it with no warning behind her label’s back!.

ZL2 will be the singer’s second album following her first, the aptly titled 1, in 2014. It will however be her first album to be released and marketed internationally.


Cher this:

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