Why Selena Gomez Won’t Be the Next Big Pop Girl


It has come to my attention that noted producer Timbaland recently professed that Selena Gomez is “gonna be big“, and I thought – what? How can the man who recognized the talents of Missy Elliott and Aaliyah think Selena is the next big pop girl? It’s not the first time he’s been wrong about a pop girl (Kiley Dean, anyone?), and it got me thinking – Selena Gomez is definitely not the next big pop girl.
Now, before I begin, let me make it known that I do not dislike Selena. I ranked Revival as one of the best albums of 2015, and I was bopping to “Good For You” the day it came out. I’ve always supported her albums and have a copy of each on CD (A Year Without Rain is signed, slay!). She is a thoroughbred sheBOP provider, and I’m indebted to her and her team for that. Her sales are decent and her music videos garner millions of views without fail, she’s been photographed for pretty much all the major publications, she has a legion of loyal stans, plus she’s gorgeous and she’s tasted the Bieberconda. But Selena will never join the ranks of Beyoncé, Lady Gaga or Madonna as an iconic pop girl. Why? Simply put, she is not a talented performer.
I first started doubting Selena’s live abilities after witnessing her infamous BBC Live Lounge performance of “Good For You”.

I know Selena was going for that ~airy vocal~ thing but HOLY FUCK you can’t even hear her during the chorus! Like a fart, her vocals waft over the lowkey synths, slowly disintegrating into nothing once the chorus’s Big Big Beat (#AvailableOnSoundCloud) kicks in. Mess at her getting out of breath when she’s not even moving. “Maybe she has better performances”, I thought to myself. But I was wrong.

Fierce outfit and ha hair is straightened for the Gods, but WHERE is the stage presence? Stage presence is essential to make it as a big pop girl, and Selena ain’t got it.

The good sis literally just stands around without even serving vocals to make up for it. Now, I can hear y’all seething and getting ready to hit me up with “NEITHER DOES BRITNEY JEAN!!”, but the key difference is, Britney served stage presence and incredible choreo during her heyday. Yet Selena, even with a massive pop song with huge potential to slay live, fails to. Observe:

No vocals, no choreo, no stage presence, no nothing. Not even her outfit slays. Good sis just standing around, bopping along like she’s in her bedroom. Literally WHAT is the point? What am I missing? How does somebody like Timbaland see that and think, “YES, that’s the next big thing”? The true pop girl deserving that praise? None other than Demi Lovato. Witness her slayage below:

Vocals? Check.

Stage presence? Check.

Choreo? Not exactly a check. But there’s tons of energy and oomph. That VMA performance has me PERCHED for a Demi Lovato world tour! Yet the GP continues to pay Demi dust. A true pop music tragedy. #JusticeForConfident shutitdown

Like I said before, I’m not mad at Selena. I like her. She’s harmless. She’s just not a contender for Earth’s Next Top Pop Girl.



Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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