Whopping Wednesday!


Woo lawd, what a Wednesday it’s been! Honestly, I need to catch my breath because it’s been a hurricane of SCALPAGE today. It will forever be known to me as “Whopping Wednesday”, and here’s why.


Rihanna FINALLY came through with the fourth first single for her elusive new album, ANTi and it is a legitimate bop. “Work” is a slinky anthem, blending popcorn synths and Patois to deliver a hook that only Rihanna could. Even Drake’s feature verse is listenable! ANTi is also widely rumored to be dropping “super soon”, maybe even this Friday. You can twerk your life away by listening to the song on TIDAL (without signing up!).

He said me haffi work work work work work!

Another legendary icon who came through with a comeback was CupcaKKe. She dropped her new single and video “Juicy Coochie” to instant acclaim from her stans worldwide. The Middle Eastern-influenced banger contains some of the dirtiest lines from a female rapper since Hard Core, like “I suck dick like a granny like I don’t got no teeth” and “excuse me sir if my pussy fart”. Watch the hot video here and see for yourself why CupcaKKe is the new queen of rap.

ooh wee ooh wee got a juicy coochie juicy coochie!

Over in the K-pop world, rising rap star Yezi (from underrated bop providing girl group Fiestar) unleashed her first solo album. Her management had this to say about the album, titled Foresight Dream:

Yezi will grow as an exceptional female solo artist and [Foresight Dream] includes upgraded charismatic charms of Yezi. Her new album is expected to captivate the hearts of fans with a great level of completion thanks to the whole producing of Rhymer, the head of Brand New Music.

So it’s got some decent songs on it then. There’s been a lot of hype surrounding Yezi, following her wig-snatching performances on the second season of Korean show Unpretty Rapstar, a showcase of the country’s finest female rappers. Yezi matched the hype and more with the album’s title track “Cider”, and you can watch the mould-breaking MV for it here.

Some unknown Yezi stans getting their life to Cider.

As if all of this wasn’t enough, the one and only Fergie Ferg announced that she will be releasing a comeback album in March – this year! It will be her first solo album in 10 years and follows her lukewarm success with the DJ Mustard bop “LA love”, but no word on whether that will be included just yet. I’m so excited for #F2 I might pee my pants!

Well, I’m officially bald y’all. Let me go twerk on my man’s diq to “Work” and “Juicy Coochie”!


Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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