Weekly Bop Roundup feat. Azealia Banks, Brave Girls, Cruel Youth, Kate Boy, KStewart and Margaret


February is almost over sistrens. How quickly is 2016 going? It must be the continuous slayage from pop girls week after week! This week is no exception, and so without further ado, here are the top bops:

Guess who up in this bitch?! Witchhop queen AB finally dropped her long awaited comeback single “The Big Big Beat”, and it definitely lives up to its name. Kicking off with a 90s style stab bass before launching into a house beat decorated with a glittery arp synth and chords, AB spits and sings about being better than all of you flops. It’s classic Azealia Banks, and is smash potential considering the 90s house revival the UK is living for right now. Dance to the big big beat sistrens!


Underrated K-pop legends Brave Girls also ended their musical abstinence with this heartbreaking trap banger. Featuring some plucked guitar and not much else, the minimal instrumental is beat heavy, which helps showcase the emotional vocal output from Brave Legends. There’s also an incredible rap from Hyeran in the middle, which is one of the best K-pop rap sections I’ve ever heard in my decade long stanning (more on that later, stay tuned!) of the genre. I’m praying these girls pull an EXID or GFriend and go viral to achieve the success they deserve. Fuck me up queens.


Cruel Youth is the current monika of Natalia Cappuccino Cappuccini, who had to change her name from Natalia Kills due to iconic backlash from a PR stunt on X Factor NZ. “Mr. Watson” is “Love on the Brain”‘s trap queen cousin, and showcases Natalia’s upgraded vocals and signature dark lyrics over a 1960s style hip-hop beat. Hopefully this identity works out better for the good sis Natalia!

Mr. Watson! I been cheatin’ with you!

I don’t know too much about Kate Boy, except that they have dropped what is surely going to be one of the best songs of the year. It’s a massive electro cover of the classic 90s hit, turning the song upside down with its pounding beat. What is perhaps the best part is lead singer Kate Akhurst’s refusal to change the pronouns in the lyrics, sounding incredible over the pitchy ghost synths and grungy guitars.

Rising British songstress KStewart has unleashed another monster of a track. Starting with some Ariana Grande impersonations mixed with sugary synths, the song evolves into a lowkey dance bop as K swoons over a lover ontop of wobbly UK house bass, K-pop style synth hits and a snare heavy beat. K is definitely smashing with this one, get into it girls!


Polish pop girl Margaret dropped her Eurovision single this week, and it’s way too good to stay within the Eurovision Euniverse. Joining the ranks of Eurovision bops like “Euphoria” and “Undo“, “Cool Me Down” is an infectious jam mixing a bass heavy drop with reggae style guitars. It should go far in this year’s competition!

Some other standout bops:

Euphoric dance remix of Birdy’s latest single.

Soft vocals over hard and gritty synths, and a sensual middle8.

The good sis Ida Corr always brings the bops, and this is no exception. Make sure you record your reaction to that switch-up for me.

How long until this is featured in an Apple or fragrance commercial? This is going to SMASH. Just listen to it and find out why.

Smooth and sexy bop from this Jamaican songstress and The Voice winner.

And now for the full list of bops:

Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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