Watch Out Lil Bitch! Jhené Aiko Shares Recording Studio Snap


Is Jhené Aiko making her comeback?! The queen of heartbreak, who dropped her insanely anticipated debut album Souled Out in 2014, shared a shady snap of herself in the recording studio on Snapchat earlier today. Donning some classic Aiko fashion, she captioned the shot with a warning to “watch out lil bitch” – new lyrics, or a calling out of the flops trying to come for her crown as R&B’s most progressive and soulful diva?


Either way, the world is ready for her second opus. She has been torturing us with no new music since dropping Souled Out, which hopefully means Jhené has lots of gorgeous new melodies and life experiences to share with us in her unique and quirky delivery.

Don’t keep us waiting, queen!

Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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