Shelita Burke Belongs In Your Libraries, Girls


Hey girls, how’s it going? Miss y’all. In between getting my heart broken (and then scheduling several Grindr appointments to recover), as well as attempting to explore the world, I am still discovering those fresh new bops! One of my faves has been Shelita Burke’s viral bop “Belong”, which has racked up almost 700k Spotify streams since its release a few months ago.


Miss Burke is an admirably ambitious and completely independent lady fresh out of Seattle, with no confirmed relation to British queen of pop Alexandra Burke. “Belong” is Miss Burke’s first release since her introductory EP “Transfixed”, and marks a significant departure from her initial folksy, acoustic guitar-driven sound.

While Miss Burke has opted for a more synthetic sound for “Belong”, it still enables her to utilize her distinctive vocals to spit some unique and introspective lyrics. “You find me sweet and pretty”, Miss Burke seductively repeats over hammering mallets, whirling synths and heavy hand claps. Get into the bop below:

Haters are not #SweetAndPretty!

Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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