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SheBOPS PR is an extension of the SheBOPS movement. Based in London, SheBOPS PR offers low-cost music PR services exclusively to female musicians.

The SheBOPS movement began in 2015 with the establishment of SheBOPS, a digital media outlet created to solely cover female artists. Over the years, the SheBOPS movement has made its mark by interviewing truly phenomenal artists and accurately championing big names before they become that big name.

SheBOPS’ passion for female musicians resulted in a desire to do more for female creatives than to just simply talk about their music on SheBOPS. Audiences should be connecting with these talented artists on a grand, global scale through a focused and sustainable music PR service conducted with the upmost honesty, integrity and professionalism.

The bespoke and custom-built techniques of SheBOPS PR are orchestrated to bring you one step closer to your music industry dreams and launch your bops into the ears of audiences around the globe. Although the techniques of SheBOPS PR come with an affordable price tag, a low price doesn’t mean low results – SheBOPS PR has literally got your music covered.

The list of music PR services includes:

During my career I have worked with:


– Michael Jordan.

Hasan Beyaz


Hasan is the founder and editor-in-chief of the music magazine SheBOPS, which uniquely only covers female musicians. Accumulating thousands of hits every month, the site has also amassed millions of views (as well as a celebrity following) across social media channels. Hasan is also a freelance journalist, and has created content with major outlets such as Noisey and YouTube for a joint reach of over fifteen million.

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