Selena Gomez Punishes Listeners With TWO Acoustic Songs


Instagram model Selena Gomez has unleashed new music on us this Friday, in support of her Netflix original series 13 Reasons Why.

The first is a cover of the synthpop classic “Only You” by Yazoo. Gomez‘s team decided on transforming the bouncy 80s synths into airy, cinematic pianos and delicate harps. It’s a lovely yet unnecessary creative choice, as the original arrangement would have worked brilliantly with the Whisper Queen‘s, um… ‘made for pop’ singing voice. Of course, it’s not the first time Gomez has butchered a cover though.

The other contribution is just what the world needed – an acoustic piano version of “Kill Em With Kindness”. Oh goody! Gomez’s fragile whispers sound as paper-thin as ever across the light, timid production. The stripped back realness of her huge dance hit confirms that the most enjoyable facet of Gomez’s music is the sheer overproduction of the tracks, as well as the catchy melodies performed by backing vocalists and synth instruments.

Could it be that Gomez simply does not understand her brand? Because literally nobody asked her for this. But then again, the extremely light production on these two tracks compliments Gomez and her feathery whispers, consequently tricking everybody into thinking she can genuinely sing. It’s actually a genius move!

Cher this:

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    1. Her vocal talent is minimal to say the least, yet somebody decided we needed TWO acoustic songs by her? Unlike Britney, Selena doesn’t even have the stage presence to make up for her terrible singing. I just can’t.

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