See You In Court Swifties! Taylor Swift Trademarks Her Fanbase Name


Here we go again – Taylor Swift has applied to trademark the words “Swiftie” and “Swifties”.

The claim was submitted on February 15th by TAS Rights Management LLC aka Taylucifer’s company which handles all of her intellectual property. From now on, nobody will be legally allowed to use “Swiftie” or “Swifties” for pretty much anything: from notebooks, guitar straps, and lapels to  educational services and even cases for sunglasses, T-Swizzle owns it all. You can study the whole list here to make sure you don’t find yourself caught up in court with Taylor & Co.


It’s not the first time Taylor has pulled this nonsense, though. Back in 2015, the same company submitted requests to trademark any phrase you could think of regarding her 1989 album, and infamously ended the livelihoods of numerous Etsy vendors by dragging them in court. Taylor’s company even went as far as hounding her poor fans who were sharing concert videos via Periscope – the horror!

Honestly, combining these antics with her recent faux feminism… I’m over it.


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