Review: Basheba – Axiom, Pt.1


My intention with this blog was to shine the spotlight on the finest female musicians. It was supposed to give me the opportunity to explore musicians outside of my faves, and ultimately expose my flawless and radical taste to the world. Looking back on my posts, I realize I haven’t quite accomplished that. For that, I apologize. I’m sorry world. I’m gonna make it up to you by covering the brand new EP from British soul singer Basheba.

Basheba is known for her sensational visuals, and is rising as a prominent face on the underground British music scene. Her lyrics on this EP are poignant, and her London accent glimmers through her heartfelt delivery of them.

“Where Are You?” is the sidechick anthem set to a nice and trendy glitchy beat, whereas “Oceans” is a spacey number showcasing the singer’s unique vocals. “Wait For Me” is a very Emeli Sandé-esque bop, with a definite potential to smash the UK Top 40. The highlight is probably the single “Don’t Go”, due to its harrowing lyrics. Primarily, Axiom Pt. 1 demonstrates Basheba’s creative flair and potential to be the next big British female star. The title also hints that there will be a second part, which I am certainly perched for. Come thru, Basheba!


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