This is it. Prince didn’t get me. Bowie didn’t get me. LG5 not coming didn’t get me. But this is the music news which has brought me into an uncontrollable fit of tears.

Ladies, it is with a heavy heart that I say this – 4Minute have decided to disband as a group, after seven years of absolute slayage.

Their contracts with Cube Entertainment have expired, and the label and the girls have incorrectly decided it would be best to put things to an end now. Let us mourn the loss of K-pop’s greatest girl group with some of their best hits:

Not all hope is lost though. HyunA has renewed her contract with Cube, meaning she should be unleashing a storm of slayage upon us sometime this year.

4Minute, thank you for all the bops. Your legacy will live on queens!


Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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