Missing! Have You Seen These sheBOP Providers?

Unfortunately, it’s been a hot minute since we heard original material from these talented gyals, and we are more than ready for them to get back to our iTunes library with some freshly squeezed bops.

Adore Delano


  • Genre: Pop.
  • Last album: Til Death Do Us Party (June 2014).
  • Known for: Appearing on RuPaul’s Drag Race.
  • Status: Recording her sophomore album.

After School


  • Genre: K-Pop.
  • Last album: First Love (June 2013, Korea) and Dress to Kill (March 2014, Japan).
  • Known for: Iconic pole dancing choreography.
  • Status: Released a greatest hits in Japan this March and rumored to be disbanding.

Alison Valentine

Alison Valentine

  • Genre: Funk pop.
  • Last album: None.
  • Best song: “Peanut Butter”.
  • Status: Making flowers in NYC somewhere.

Azealia Banks

Azealia banks


  • Genre: Rap.
  • Last album: Broke With Expensive Taste (November 2014).
  • Biggest hit: “212”.
  • Status: Prepping a new mixtape in between getting arrested for biting boobs and trolling on Twitter.



  • Genre: R&B.
  • Last album: Two Eleven (October 2012).
  • Known for: Slaying R&B since 1994.
  • Status: Producing romcoms for BET, prepping an album for 2016 and texting pregnant moms.

Doja Cat


  • Genre: R&B.
  • Last album: Purrr! (August 2014).
  • Best song so far: “No Police”.
  • Status: ?

Haifa Wehbe

Haifa wehbe




  • Genre: J-Pop.
  • Last album: PURE LOVE BEST (October 2014).
  • Best song: “Handz Up!”
  • Status: Taking fabulous #selfies for Twitter and apparently recording new bops.



  • Genre: Rap.
  • Last album: Jack Yo Shit (February 2011).
  • Known for: Jump-starting the twerking trend with her viral hit “Twerk”.
  • Status: Fortunately for Nicki Minaj, Lady is too busy getting turnt and poppin’ bottles to release a new mixtape.

Lee Jung Hyun

Lee jung hyun


  • Genre: K-Pop.
  • Last album: 007th (May 2010).
  • Known for: Creating a microphone for her pinky finger.
  • Status: Changing the landscape of Korean cinema with award winning performances.

Nicola Roberts

Nicola roberts

  • Genre: Pop.
  • Last album: Cinderella’s Eyes (September 2011).
  • Known for: Challenging perceptions of ginger people plus impacting both the charts and parliament.
  • Status: Writing hits for Little Mix and Cheryl Fernandez-Versini-Cole-Tweedy but not herself.

Okuda Miwako


  • Genre: J-Rock.
  • Last album: Kimi wo Omou (September 2006).
  • Known for: Depressing and pro-suicide lyrics. The original Lana Del Rey.
  • Status: Dropping digital singles sporadically and living the true indie pop queen life.



  • Genre: J-Pop.
  • Last album: Love Spell (August 2007).
  • Known for: Being Japan’s first ganguro-turned-boss bitch.
  • Status: Retired from making epic and glittery trancepop in 2008.




  •  Genre: Alt-pop.
  • Last album: The World In My Eyes (November 2012).
  • Best song: “Drunk”.
  • Status: No record of her after 2013. Whereabouts eerily unknown. #Pray4SingerSen

Utada Hikaru

Utada hikaru

  • Genre: Gospel.
  • Last album: Utada Hikaru SINGLE COLLECTION VOL.2 (November 2010).
  • Known for: Being Japan’s Sweetheart.
  • Status: Queen of marrying bartenders and giving birth to milk loving babies. Utada ha Ray of Light is coming. “Come Back to Me” is a true reverse Warholian expedition.

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