Let’s Discuss These 6 Magnificent New Bops


Another week, another batch of fresh and hot new bops. First up is the hotly anticipated English version of Albanian diva Era Istrefi‘s viral hit “Bonbon” (excuse the budget stream).

Much like “Work”, the song makes use of Era’s messy and slurred delivery of the lyrics to hopefully create some additional buzz around it. The instrumental sounds like it has had a slight remaster, and is just as bop worthy as the original. Prepare for this to take over.

There’s also the new one from So So Def’s Dondria Nicole, “Luh Ya”. It’s a fabulous combination of trap leading to the funky and infectious chorus, making it something both you and your mom will be able to enjoy and dance to.

We also have the very catchy bop, “So Good”, from 14 year old Swedish sensation Nova Miller. The teen was discovered by the one and only Lolene, whose shelved album The Electrick Hotel is still slaying gays globally today. “So Good” is a brassy and energetic track which does what it says on the tin. Also check out those Mariah-esque squeaks at 2:43 – legends only!

The fabulous Dragonette have also dropped a new one, the island flavored “Lonely Heart” about leaving the bad boys behind and going at it on your own. Very cute and just in time for summer, where you will inevitably have your heart broken and need a track like this to pick you back up.

Next up is the Peaches remix of professor of pop Simonne Jones‘ viral hit “Gravity”. Combining metallic rattles and subtle synths with massive bass drops and trendy vocal loops, Peaches did the damn thing on this one! It also comes complete with an intelligent verse from the dirty electro queen herself. The remix is one of those love at first listen moments, accelerated by the self-proclaimed ‘pseudo’ video:

And finally, I’m exposing you to Alida‘s superb single “Pinocchio”. The Norwegian Lorde leads a hammering bass line and glistening plucks to the musical embodiment of an intense death drop.

Dancin’ like Pinocchio

Alida is coming through as the new queen of fierce bops. Get into this one sistrens!

And there we have it. Six epic new tunes to keep you tied for the next week or so!


Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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