Koda Kumi ADMITS She’s a Manufactured FRAUD


J-pop’s queen of sex, Koda Kumi, has admitted that her beloved and world-renown “ero-kakkoii” image has been an act.


While promoting her recently released cover version of 25 ballad compilation, WINTER of LOVE, the singer let it slip that it was her management team at Avex and Rhythm Zone who concocted her signature sexy style. “Although it wasn’t my ideal image I had envisioned for myself, I wanted to meet their expectations,” the fraudster confessed in an interview with Oricon. She’s basically saying that she just slayed our existences with bops like “JUICY” and “Candy” to get famous and “release the ballad album [she’s] always desired“.

The absolute DECEPTION. I seriously CANNOT right now. You know what? I’m done. If you need me, I’ll be in my dressing room shoveling down Ben and Jerry’s and reliving the “Shake It” video.


Cher this:

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  1. She is such a better artist a and performer now. She was huge back then and her overall style was game changing but as a fan I thought some of her videos and performances were just forced and cringe worthy. Now she’s so relaxed, focused and honest with herself and her fans. Her music is now much more carefree and organic and doesn’t necessarily have all that forced sexual innuendo. She’s still a hot moma but I like her mature figure now, she has class, charisma, talent and stamina. She’s the perfect pop idol.

    1. Well yeah like she said, it was forced. She’s doing things mostly how she wants to these days. I miss the outrage and shock of when JUICY came out though!

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