Let’s Just Be Obsessed With Kate Lomas




I’ve done it again.

I’ve stumbled upon The Next Big British Pop Star, and it’s a lovely little lady who goes by the name of Kate Lomas.

Miss Lomas has just dropped her debut EP, Let’s Just Be, and it is everything right now.


Kicking things off with the super breezy and uplifting lead bop “Let’s Just Be”, the Bath beauty’s delicate vocals float through an immaculate collection of dreamy and enchanted synth magic. Other highlights from Let’s Just Be include the trippy island bop “Tipsy”, and the pitched-up synth breakdown of the gritty, tropical-flavored “Wake Me Up”.

On the title track, Miss Kate had this to say:

“[‘Let’s Just Be’ is about] people changing and friendships growing apart in modern day life. It’s about how the world used to seem so big when we were younger and as you get older your perception of it changes and people change their outlook in life”.

This is not ordinary pop, ladies and girls. Slay us with that philosophy queen!

Show my girl some love by streaming the EP on Spotify:

Giving me Ellie Goulding vibes. I’m perched for her “Burn” era!



Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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