Iggy Azalea and Nicki Minaj Issue New Singles – On the Same Day


Two of the rap game’s most popular/controversial faces, Nicki Minaj and Iggy Azalea, have issued new tracks on the same day – but which one is better?


Iggy‘s track is a dance dubstep urban trap pop electro song called “Mo Bounce”. Sonically, “Mo Bounce” is quite adventurous, ambitiously fusing multiple genres into its three minute forty-two run time; Iggy Azalea is commendably trying to carve out a new sound for herself. The constant repetition of “bounce”, layered over electro beeps and a thumping club beat, is obviously Iggy trying to weasel her way back onto airwaves, but it is also quite polarizing. Is “Mo Bounce” catchy enough to break my “Wee Woo” addiction, and the Hot 100? Or is it so whack and irritating that I would rather listen to unedited vocals of Selena Gomez singing “I Will Always Love You” live? That is the beauty of “Mo Bounce” – and Iggy Azalea‘s recording career in general. Good luck ‘cracking that 40’ you speak of!


“Light My Body Up”, Nicki Minaj‘s collaboration with David Guetta and Lil Wayne, has a more polished sound when played against the admirable messiness of “Mo Bounce”. It sounds like Nicki and her ghostwriters were feeling extra creative when penning N-I-C‘s verse for “Light My Body Up”, considering the way she hits us with that triple entendre in the first few seconds. I’m also not usually a fan of David Guetta‘s production (it’s about as riveting as sitting in a traffic jam) but “Light My Body Up” is the exception to the rule. As the artwork would suggest, “Light My Body Up” is a sexy, midtempo banger; the drop’s Big Fat Bass (feat. will.i.am) and cray, popping synths are really reminiscent of Melanie Martinez‘s iconic bop “Soap”.  Even Nicki‘s traditionally chucklesome attempts at singing don’t cause too much of an earache on “Light My Body Up”.

Conclusively, while “Mo Bounce” and “Light My Body Up” are both decent bops… I’m here for Cardi B, the new queen of rap, replacing both of them.

Stream or buy “Mo Bounce” by Iggy Azalea. Stream or buy “Light My Body Up” by David Guetta feat. Nicki Minaj and Lil Wayne.

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