£150 p/h

You invest countless hours, effort and love into your music, so it should be flourishing. But sometimes it can feel like something’s… missing, right?

Since it’s always a great idea to get an unbiased opinion from some fresh ears, a personal consultation (conducted in person or via FaceTime) will figure out what’s missing through a dedicated troubleshooting session unique to you and your needs.

Hit a creative slump when writing new music?

Need new ideas for merch ideas?

Require some creative direction for an iconic live show opening?

Want a fresh set of unbiased ears, with an impeccable attention to detail, to hear that new master of your single before you start sharing it?

One hour will give you the critical insight you never knew you needed and could save you wasted days of agonizing about something with a potentially simple solution – or even give you a week’s worth of ideas!

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