Bloom Twins Slay With New Single


Pause Dangerous Woman for a hot 3 minutes and get listening to some real dangerous women, sistrens!

“Amnesia” is the new one from dark-pop duo Bloom Twins. They are identical twins, meaning we get double the fierceness! The girls started their musical career with a politically charged cover of “Get Up, Stand Up” in support of their home country, Ukraine. After some high-profile modeling gigs and a few sporadically released bops, Anna & Sonia are finally back with “Amnesia”. It’s an angsty and gritty track, combining fat industrial-flavored drums with deep and hidden synths. Give it a quick stream below:

Bloom Twins are currently working on their first album, which better be dropping this year. Keep checking for them, I know they will be big!

Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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