BLACKPINK Bomb Asia Artist Awards In Tragic Seven Minute Performance


K-pop rookies BLACKPINK made their award show debut last night, and damn was it a messy one.

The foursome lethargically dragged their thigh high boots across the Asia Artist Award’s stage for seven minutes to their breakout hit “Whistle” and followup track “Playing With Fire”.

Yeah, the songs are bops. But honestly, my girls and I turn up harder than this on a tragic club night out.

Experience the dismal performance below:

Is this really supposed to be the next big K-pop girl group? Really??? I don’t know who the guy at 4:21 is, but my man basically summed up the entire performance with one glance:


It’s just one of the several extremely iconic crowd shots of literally everybody looking bored out of their minds. Here’s one guy grooming his weave:


And, my personal fave, this young lady looking in horror at the train wreck she is currently witnessing:

“My people REALLY need to stop booking me these chickenshit gigs.”

All extremely understandable, considering BLACKPINK’s stage presence and choreography was about as lit as an LED tea candle.

Perhaps the constant focus on how out of breath they sound and the mics frequently cutting out is the sound team’s fault. But those uninspired vocals and that insipid choreo? That’s all BLACKPINK. Home girls served up a drier performance than white people chicken.

Literally, if you’re gonna have a line in your song about how “every time I show up I blow up”, then honey you better ENCAPSULATE THAT. This is blowing up on a Britney VMAs 2007 level.

But slay that high note at 6:30, I guess.


Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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