Mere moments ago, Rihanna’s intensely ANTicipated new LP appeared on the TIDAL store here and, in a cruel twist of fate, was then instantly taken down.

Not all hope is lost though. Some fans over at Church of Pop managed to hear it before the tragic takedown, and one Twitter user is posting clips for those of us who just weren’t quick enough.

At least the event legitimizes the rumors that ANTi is coming “super soon”. We also know for sure that the Natalia Kills bop “Kiss It Better” is there, alongside 12 other future hits. Perhaps a pressed Rita Ora stan poor TIDAL intern scheduled it to drop early? Stay perchT sistrens, ANTi is coming!

Update: ANTi has been released in full! Listen to it on TIDAL or download it for free (thanks Rih).

Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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