4Minute Coming 4 Weaves With Act.7!

K-pop kweens 4Minute are dropping their seventh mini album Act. 7 next Monday, and it sounds Earth-shatteringly amazing.


The title track “Hate” has been described by Cube Entertainment as a followup to last year’s “Crazy”, which made my best of 2015 list. “Hate” is co-produced by the one and only Skrillex, which means it will most likely have a hard electronic sound and be the first true sheBOP of 2016. Perhaps it’s about how much they hate all the other idol groups? I mean, the girls look gangsta as fuq donning some Bloods bandanas and making gun poses in the teaser image (above), so they are clearly coming for blood with this mini. Check out the rest of the tracklist below:


Honestly, I’m bald. K-pop is way too glittery at the moment, and I don’t know what I’ll do if I have to hear one more funky horns-driven title track. Act. 7 is just what I’m needing from the K-pop girls right now. How about you guys? 4NIA, are you ready? Pray 4 your faves, because I won’t be!

Cher this:

Go Off, Sis!

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