Run Away With Caitlyn Scarlett’s Escapist Bop “Shangri-La”


Emerging alt-pop singer Caitlyn Scarlett has put out another overwhelmingly good single, “Shangri-La”.

The British-accented vocalist paints saturated images of hope and escapism over “Shangri-La”’s four minutes and fourteen seconds of psychedelic melodies and festival rhythms. You know Caitlyn is going to be a girl to watch once “Shangri-La”’s transition to the chorus’ murky, jagged bass and wailing vocals penetrate your ears.

About “Shangri-La”, Caitlyn described the song with the following words:

“Shangri-La” is based on the classic novel Lost Horizon written by British author James Hilton, a book about escaping to a nirvana first imagined by an English creative who also craved adventure outside of grey London. The lyrics ‘shards of glass reflect the evening sky and ‘I think of peach blossom’ is actually talking about The Shard skyscraper at sunset, which coincidentally houses a restaurant on the top floor named the Shangri-La.

Caitlyn you’re doing amazing sweetie, wig flew to Shangri-La!

Buy or stream “Shangri-La” by Caitlyn Scarlett.  


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