Med School Grad Amy Steele Teases Upcoming EP with the Dreamy “Saltwater”


Singer and med school graduate Amy Steele aims to resuscitate the pop scene with her new single “Saltwater”.

The 23 year old Londoner, who made a name for herself with her 2015 hit “The Wolves”, is gearing up for the dropping of her debut EP Memories in Watercolour by sharing the first single “Saltwater”. The sample track from Amy (who has been working on the project for over a year) is characterized by its dreamy Rhodes, soft beat and Amy’s lush, mellow vocals. Lyrically, “Saltwater” hears Steele dealing with “the idea that when you experience something you never really remember it, exactly as it was; it’s a degraded memory that’s forever tainted by reminiscence.”

Look out for the next taster of Memories in Watercolour, “Graces”, which is to be shared sometime next month.


Stream “Saltwater” by Amy Steele.


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