Tayler Buono Celebrates Major Label Signing With Music Video for Major Bop “Technically Single”


Tayler Buono is celebrating her recent signing with RCA Records, by dropping the music video for her indie hit and bop of epic proportions, “Technically Single”.

Since the release of “Technically Single” in June 2016, the track has gone on to amass over 21 million streams on Spotify, proving that the 23 year old Orlando native definitely has star power (hence her star-studded jewelry, duh). The bop has a sick structure to reflect the lyrical content, which deals with the perils of becoming attached to a commitment-phobic lover. “Technically Single”‘s rapid mix of trap hats and hand claps escalates to the chorus’s cooling blend of massive 808 kicks and a subtle, bleeping synth. “I’m technically single, emotionally unavailable“, Tayler murmurs in a fragile yet breezy voice.

Check out the snazzy video for “Technically Single” below:

It’s not even fair how infectious this bop is. “Technically Single” has all the makings to be a Top 40 radio hit, which is a good thing since it will be impacting Top 40 radio on March 13th.

“Technically single, emotionally unavailable” – coming soon to Instagram captions near you!


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