LOOP Serves Retro Funk Feminism With “As If”


London’s very own LOOP has dropped yet another bop, her first of 2017.

“As If” combines staccato synth flicks with 80s tom rolls and a slinky slap bass rhythm for a funky, retro sound. The seductive, warm synth pad opening is especially inviting, and will definitely have you hitting the ‘loop’ button (puns đź’–). It’s also a low-key feminist anthem, based on LOOP’s explanation of the song’s message; “[“As If” is] essentially a song that says ‘F U’ to the view that men are the only ones who are ‘allowed to’ have/enjoy casual flings,” the Londoner stated.

“As If” is the singer’s third single in total, following 2016’s “Losing My Mind” and “Looking at You”, which has raked up over 600k Spotify streams. An EP is apparently in the works, so stay perched for that.

Listen to “As If” by LOOP on Spotify:


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