Ariana Grande and John Legend Stun In Dazzling Music Video for “Beauty and the Beast”


The official music video for Ariana Grande and John Legend’s “Beauty and the Beast” collab has finally graced YouTube!

Ariana really lip syncs for her life whilst looking like the perfect Disney princess, in a magnificent ball gown dress. The Dave Meyers directed video also makes use of some wonderful aerial shots, which see Ariana make up a rose with the video’s dancers. The ballad’s video also sees Beauty and the Beast’s stars, Emma Watson and Dan Stevens, join Ariana and John for a spectacular ballroom scene.

The video is quintessentially Disney – magical, sparkly and full of grandeur:

Ariana and John’s vocals blend sublimely together in “Beauty and the Beast”, with John’s powerful vocals really complimenting the soft femininity of Ari’s.

The “Beauty and the Beast” single is available on iTunes.


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