Jena Rose Says It’s Okay to Be “Crazy” on New Song with Sean Kingston


Pop rookie Jena Rose has a new song out, and it’s obviously quite a bop.

“Crazy” immediately tunes your ears in, with its captivating loud kicks, echoed claps and pizzicato strings. Jena’s delivery of “Crazy”‘s chorus, “I’m C-R-A-Z-Y / See you on the other side / We’re all a little crazy inside“, is forcefully sincere, which adds to the charm of the bop.

The song is aims to encourage everybody to embrace “all aspects of who you are”, according to the artist. The way Jena is able to deliver “Crazy”‘s message is quite the testament to her talent, considering her age – she’s only 16. Yet Jena, a self-proclaimed “paradox“, is already serving us bops with a catchy chorus and big vocals. Very promising!

Unleash your “Crazy” side with Jena Rose’s bop on Spotify:


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