“Bonbon” Singer Era Istrefi Returns With Felix Snow-Produced Bop “Redrum”


After living the millennial dream and going viral with her track “Bonbon” last year, Albanian singer Era Istrefi is finally ready to continue making her mark on the pop scene with a followup single.

“Redrum” (murderreversed), crafted by Terror Jr’s Felix Snow, is the first offering from her upcoming album after signing with Ultra Records, following “Bonbon”‘s immense popularity (310 million YouTube views and counting).

Opening “Redrum” with a euphonious acoustic guitar melody, Felix Snow’s production beautifully blossoms into a delicate explosion of bouncy high-pitched harps and a bass fueled trap beat. Era’s sincere vocals sound at home over “Redrum”‘s gorgeously demented production, sincerely delivering witty lines like “My love is bittersweet / But I can show you heaven / But first get on your knees / Close your eyes and count to seven” with her Rihanna-like voice.

Catch the future hit “Redrum” on Spotify:


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