Rising Star Marlena Anna Drops Her Haunting Ballad, “Trust”


“Hello” who? There’s a new piano-fueled ballad in town, and it comes courtesy of rising US singer-songwriter Marlena Anna.

“Trust” is the Californian beauty’s latest offering, and marks a sharp contrast to her previous bop, the edgy “Fuckin’ Real“. Marlena’s personal heartbreak seeps through every crevice of the crushingly bleak ballad, with the lack of a punchy drum beat magnetizing listeners to Marlena’s mesmerizing voice. “Hush little baby don’t you cry / You’ll be sleeping alone tonight” Marlena wails over “Trust“‘s  medley of sombre pianos, sorrowful organs and woeful guitars. Check it out below:

“Trust” is the second serving of Marlena’s upcoming album Habitual, which she describes as “a very selfish project… written during a time when I was trying to get over someone that had become a habit in my life”. This record will surely cement Marlena Anna as an honest and authentic pop star, something we have all been craving.



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