6 New Bops You Need to Hear


As I have said before, my intention with this blog is to talk about music from pop girls who are not as well known. There is so much music out there which I am constantly discovering on an almost daily basis. So without further ado, here are six phenomenal bops released recently which I just can’t get enough of!

Liquorice – Alice Jemima

Who: Devon based pop girl. Gained online buzz from her excellent “No Diggity” cover and has been endorsed by the BBC.

What: “Liquorice” is a minimal and classy bop, featuring some lowkey low keys and soft synths over some thumping kicks and bongos. Expect nothing like the Azealia Banks bop of the same name.

Dancing On The Sun – Bahari

Who: Girl band from Southern California. First featured on Zedd’s huge hit “Addicted to a Memory”.

What: The bright guitars, airy vocals and optimistic lyrics capture the essence of summer in a song.

No Pressure – Coco Morier

Who: The blueprint for Bonnie McKee. Coco has written bops for Britney, Selena, Demi, and, most importantly, Wynter Gordon.

What: “No Pressure” is a glamorous bop with a killer bassline, serving The Fame teas. There’s also a fierce breakdown comprising of rattling synths and a fabulously infectious chant.

You’ll Never Let Me Go – L.U.V.

Who: Second single from sister duo Maya and Vivi Mohan.

What: Another upbeat and summery sounding bop, laden with shimmery guitar melodies bound to get your head bopping along.

For Keeps – Lily Kershaw

Who: Singer-songwriter from LA. Known for her funeral hit “As It Seems”.

What: Kershaw’s poignant lyrics and vocals are bound to have you tearful, thanks to this haunting piano-powered ballad accompanied by atmospheric strings.

Maybe Someday – Sarah Walk

Who: One Little Indian’s brand spanking new artist who will quite obviously be big.

What: A sorrowful debut single exploring the distress of an ending relationship. Walk has a very moving voice, which allows her sincere lyrics to come to life. “I’m not ready to sleep alone, I’m not ready to say goodbye” she murmurs in her unique husky tone.

Which bop is your fave, sistrens? Let me know in the comments or tweet me.


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