The Second Cruel Youth Song Is Out… and It’s Incredible

ICYMI, about a month ago the artist formerly known as Natalia Kills rebranded herself (yet again) as Cruel Youth, with the debut track “Mr. Watson”. Today she returns with the followup bop “Diamond Days”. Sounding like “Love on the Brain”‘s angst-filled teen sister, Natalia does her best Amy Winehouse impression to bring out the despair-tinged lyrics. Have a listen below:

What I’m loving about this Cruel Youth project is how it’s bringing out the originality in Natalia that I’ve always known she had. The lyrics and melodies are top-notch, plus her vocals have never sounded this harrowing before. It’s obvious that she really cares about these songs she’s singing now. However, Natalia has a history of ditching her image when times get tough, so I’m trying not to get too attached to Cruel Youth – my heart simply can’t take yet another abandonment from her! That’s true love for you, I guess.

Are you feeling Cruel Youth? Let me know on Twitter (@shebopsblog).


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