(After) Party! Adore Delano Is Back


Queen of party Adore Delano has finally given us a new collection of bops! Her sophomore album, After Party, gives us a peek into the feelings of a queen, well… after the party.

Opening the collection with the tender ballad “I.C.U.”, Delano shows a softer and more vulnerable side to the fun-loving persona which made her a standout star from RuPaul’s Drag Race season 6. The mellow lead single “Dynamite” epitomizes this, and transitions excellently into the shiny and summery “Take Me There”, a musical representation of the album’s glam artwork.


The album’s highlight is of course the Ibiza-ready “Foreign Lover”, featuring soft keys and muffled kicks which build up to a slick, headbanging EDM drop. Think “Swine” (with exotic lyrics and no pig metaphors). Adore keeps the party going with follow-up dance bop “Bold As Love”, and the retro sex jam “After Party” where Adore proudly lets us know that “it’s my party and I’ll fuck who I want!”



After Party gets A Little More Personal (Raw) after that, with the synthy ballad “I Can’t Love You”, breakup anthem “Save Your Breath” and the dulcet closing tracks “Constellations” and “4AM”. This is the section of the record which lets us see that Adore isn’t all “Party” ; she has feelings and she is sensitive to the shit life throws at us sometimes.

Above all, After Party is a stellar offering of insightful ballads and party jams which certify Adore Delano as a credible and authentic musician.


Listen to After Party here via Spotify:



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