Bops I Added to iTunes This Week – January 18th-24th 2016


You should know that I obtain a lot of music throughout the week. Like, a lot. But I’ve been struggling to keep the blog up to date with all of it. So I was fiddling around in iTunes, and I discovered this really cute feature where you can print playlists to a PDF. And then it hit me. I could just post my new additions in this way. No muss, no fuss. So, at the end of each week, I’ll share every new song I’ve added to my library. From vintage 80s pop to random dance remixes of acoustic songs, it’ll all be here.

This week, I went on a bit of a remix frenzy as I really craved some new house-y remixes. So I clicked through my fave remix site ( and got whatever sounded good. I am also trying out several up and coming girls, like Izzy Bizu, Betsy, Ella Mai and Billie Marten. My favourite band, Chairlift, released their new album, and I haven’t stopped playing it since because Caroline Polachek is a goddess. My queen, BoA, also dropped her new song “Make Me Complete”, which I covered recently. I stumbled upon Arima Ederra’s brilliant new song “Trippin’ On U”. She kinda reminds me of Jhené Aiko, so if you like a bit of Jhené then definitely give Arima a try. GFriend and K.Michelle also made their comebacks this week, but I haven’t given them a proper chance yet. I’m also on a Sia binge after rediscovering 1000 Forms of Fear (and one of the best songs ever “Elastic Heart”) and got a bunch of the remix EPs she dropped during that era, as well as We Are Born and her Best Of album. Take a look at the full collection below:




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